The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Magician

There are many benefits to hiring a professional magician for your event.

Firstly, Yes, the whole idea of hiring a magician for your wedding or event is to entertain the guests, we all know that, but there’s a lot more to it.

Wedding and Event Problems

At these events, there are problems that the bride, groom, bar, restaurant or organizer will face.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Boredom for the guests
  • Spare unplanned ‘lagging’ time
  • Empty bar
  • Chef taking longer than expected or planned
  • Typical overly expected entertainment

Solutions to the Problems

Boredom: If the guests are bored, a professional magician will rid the boredom and add a long lasting fun memory of the event.

With a close-up magician approaching tables and groups, fun, astonishment, and entertainment all rolled up into one will certainly do the job.

‘Lagging’ Time

If spare time happens to pop up, and the guests are twiddling their thumbs and not knowing where to look, a magician is a key to solving this problem. As a magician, the job is not only to ‘show’ the tricks but to allow others to be involved too. Engagement is key.

Empty Bar

At a bar or restaurant, the bar area may be empty. This results in fewer drink sales and a drop in revenue for that day.

A magician can gather a crowd at the drinks and bar area, attracting the customers to the bar will have a positive increase in sales.

Chef Taking Longer than Expected or Planned

If you own a restaurant, then you know the pain of knowing your customers are waiting for their food but it just doesn’t seem to be arriving anytime soon.

The chef is rushing and panicking, the customer is hungry and getting slightly annoyed, I have an idea!

If a magician was to approach the customer(s) and completely blow him, her or them away with amazing magic. It is a positive form of distraction, it gives more leeway with time and they will appreciate that the restaurant provided them with great entertainment.

Typical Overly Expected Entertainment

Okay, so let’s play a guessing game.

The guests are arriving, you asked them this one question:

What entertainment do you think we have today?

Answer from 99% of the guests will be MUSIC!

Don’t get me wrong, music is great and an essential to these events, but why not give them something different?

What a pleasant surprise it would be for them!

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