The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Magician

There are many benefits to hiring a professional magician for your event.

Firstly, Yes, the whole idea of hiring a magician for your wedding or event is to entertain the guests, we all know that, but there’s a lot more to it.

Wedding and Event Problems

At these events, there are problems that the bride, groom, bar, restaurant or organizer will face.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Boredom for the guests
  • Spare unplanned ‘lagging’ time
  • Empty bar
  • Chef taking longer than expected or planned
  • Typical overly expected entertainment

Solutions to the Problems

Boredom: If the guests are bored, a professional magician will rid the boredom and add a long lasting fun memory of the event.

With a close-up magician approaching tables and groups, fun, astonishment, and entertainment all rolled up into one will certainly do the job.

‘Lagging’ Time

If spare time happens to pop up, and the guests are twiddling their thumbs and not knowing where to look, a magician is a key to solving this problem. As a magician, the job is not only to ‘show’ the tricks but to allow others to be involved too. Engagement is key.

Empty Bar

At a bar or restaurant, the bar area may be empty. This results in fewer drink sales and a drop in revenue for that day.

A magician can gather a crowd at the drinks and bar area, attracting the customers to the bar will have a positive increase in sales.

Chef Taking Longer than Expected or Planned

If you own a restaurant, then you know the pain of knowing your customers are waiting for their food but it just doesn’t seem to be arriving anytime soon.

The chef is rushing and panicking, the customer is hungry and getting slightly annoyed, I have an idea!

If a magician was to approach the customer(s) and completely blow him, her or them away with amazing magic. It is a positive form of distraction, it gives more leeway with time and they will appreciate that the restaurant provided them with great entertainment.

Typical Overly Expected Entertainment

Okay, so let’s play a guessing game.

The guests are arriving, you asked them this one question:

What entertainment do you think we have today?

Answer from 99% of the guests will be MUSIC!

Don’t get me wrong, music is great and an essential to these events, but why not give them something different?

What a pleasant surprise it would be for them!

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Obsessed with your Craft

Are You Obsessed With Your Craft?

Firstly, this is a pretty random blog, one which I will go off on a little bit of a tangent with as it involves a love for one’s craft.

The reason for this is because it’s something I know from experience and from talking to other people who have mastered their field.

Obsession equals Commitment to your Craft!

If you are an artist, performer, speaker, or athlete, then being obsessed with your craft is very important for you to be extremely good at what you do.

If you look at top performers in various different art forms and sports, they have an obsession with what they do. They have  a deep love and passion for their craft that will stay with them.

Leeds Magician Francesco Mattiello

Take a look at Christiano Ronaldo, Is he obsessed with football?

Are Beyonce and Rihanna obsessed with making music?

Is Al Pacino or Rober De Niro obsessed with acting?

The answer is obviously yes!

If you want to be more than just good at what you do, then being obsessed is an absolute necessity.

In Robert Greene’s best-selling book “Mastery” he explains this thoroughly.

Robert talks about the 10,000 hours of practice it takes to master your craft, and learning from a mentor. It’s always best to learn from the best.

My question is, if someone I going to practice their craft for over 10,000 hours, are they obsessed?

Yes, they certainly are!

If you are not obsessed, you won’t be one of the best in your chosen field.

Obsession is commonly viewed as a negative trait because it is associated with obsessive partners. The truth is obsession itself is not bad, what you are obsessed about may be.

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Magic – It’s Not in the Trick, it’s in the Emotion!

When a Magician (a good Magician!) performs magic, a very common response is ” Magic is not real” or someone may ask “Is it real or is it trickery?”

Well, I can tell you that it’s all trickery in one way, and it’s real in another. Let me (the magician) explain.

Leeds Magician Yorkshire Magciian

The Trick

As a magician, I must practice my sleight of hand every day.

On top of this, I have to read books on psychology and apply some of the information to my magic. Here are some of the different things I’m constantly working on to improve my magic and performance.

  • Sleight of hand
  • Psychology
  • Misdirection
  • Audience Management
  • Memory Techniques (by choice)
  • Mathematics (by choice)
  • Presentation
  • Storytelling
  • Confidence

These are the first things that come to mind when I think about how I do the amazing things I do.

As a performer, and this goes to any performing art or sport, it is the artists or athletes responsibility to stimulate people’s minds and hit their emotions. Also to give a fantastic impression of their particular art or sport.

When I am booked to perform, just prior to entering the room I’m booked to perform at, I say to myself, “these people deserve the very best, and I going to give it to them.”

Now, the part that may have surprised some, when I said earlier, that the magic I do is real in a way. Once again, let me explain.

The Magic

The way I make someone feel is real magic. Regardless if what they have just witnessed is genuine magic or a trick. The emotion it brings to them is magic.

The magic is not in the trick, it’s the feeling.

When someone automatically says, “How did you do that?”, they mean that question because the fact that most of them know it’s not real magic makes it more impressive and magical.

My audiences are not fools. They usually know something’s going on, if it was real magic, and we knew it existed, it wouldn’t be half as impressive because it then becomes possible.

However, because most people don’t believe in the kind of magic I do, it then becomes Impossible, but I still do it! They have literally witnessed the impossible, and that’s the real magic!

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Leeds Light Night 2016 – Great night of Magic

Did you go to Leeds Light Night 2016?

Mattiello Magic decided to hit Leeds Light Night 2016 and perform some magic at the Leeds Corn exchange.

We arrived at around 6.15pm and immediately started doing some magic to people, everyone loved it and so did we.

Leeds Light Night 2016

Lots of children came to our table. I (Francesco) amazed them with card magic that they certainly won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

The reactions were great and the feedback we got was fantastic.

Leeds City Centre was packed on this Friday night. There was people everywhere, a mixture of people going to bars and restaurants, and people wanting to see the Light Night displays spread throughout town.

This was my first time going to Leeds Light Night, and I will be going again next year.

Here’s what I enjoyed about Light Night –

  • The displays, (An obvious one!)
  • Lots of people (I like being around people)
  • A great atmosphere, lots of smiles
  • Great time and place to perform your skills and talents
  • It was a great start to my weekend

We chose to go live on facebook as I was entertaining some youths in the Corn Exchange although the lighting wasn’t great in this particular spot, you can check it out here –

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“Get down to Leeds Light Night in 2017, we may even see you there!”


Professional Leeds Magician – Let’s talk Magic!

The Professional Leeds Magician Rant

As a Professional Leeds Magician, I don’t just perform in Leeds, my magic also travels to all other areas of the UK.

This is my job, my passion and what I always think about, some may call it a purpose.

Magic is a very interesting thing, from learning magic and sleight of hand, you also learn psychology, misdirection, audience management, creating a presence and attain confidence.

Magic taught me many life lessons too, the main ones being how to be patient and committed.

This is because as a child, whenever I learnt a new trick, I was taught to continue practising until I could do it without thinking.

On top of this, as my magic progressed, I was introduced to more difficult magic and sleight of hand.

Learning the difficult stuff taught me how to be determined and committed, I would practice and thumble repeatedly, I had to have patience if I wanted to learn this amazing, yet difficult trick, I had to stay committed and persevere.

When I eventually got it right and could do so repeatedly without a problem, I knew I was ready to bring my magic out into the world.

Professional Magician and Escapologist

Performing magic is a love I have, and not just a job, we are all pacing through life with work, family, love, and many other such things, a lot of which may drain us of our energy, and run through our minds as a problem that sticks to us.

Then I perform magic to you, and for that moment, nothing that bothers you, (or them) ceases to exist.

For that one small moment, all you can think of is, How did he do that?

That is the main thing I love about it, making people forget about everyday stresses and putting them in a state of complete bewilderment.

This is a very rewarding feeling indeed, bringing someone out of a negative thought and into one of complete amazement and joy.

Hiring me as your Professional Wedding or Corporate Magician

  • Top quality entertainment
  • Bring the two families together at a wedding
  • Create laughs and applause
  • People will remember it for a long time
  • Makes your function or event stand out
  • A complete ice-breaker
  • Attract people to the bar area in your restaurant
  • So Much more

Hire Your Professional Magician Today

Leeds Magician Yorkshire Magician

Magic in the modern world has changed drastically.

Magic used to be known as a cheesy art form with rabbits and magic wands.

Although I do like watching this kind of magic, I don’t perform it.

With David Blaine hitting the big screen a few years ago, he made magic modern and hip.

His street magic inspired many young children around the world, with me being one of them.

After David Blaine, Chris Angel hit the screens, his persona gives off the one of a “bad-boy.”

Then came our very own Dynamo from the UK, a street kid performing street magic and other intimate miracles.

This is a huge change from the Amazing Paul Daniels and David Copperfield days, a change certainly worth noting.

My magic is very modern and hip also, it has been aired on Made TV’s The Book-It list as I roamed the Leeds City Centre performing street magic to random people.

Check out the video below as I amaze comedian Monty Burns with a piece of magic you will certainly like –

This in as example of close-up magic, magic performed up close in front of your eyes, and many times, in your hands.

If you would like to hire me as your Professional Leeds Magician for your event, whether casual or formal, Contact us Here for a Free No obligation quote

I perform magic with playing cards, coins, and other random objects, I also include some mentalism (Mind Reading) along the way.

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Book me as your Professional Leeds Magician for Tuition classes

If you or your child has decided to take up magic, we also give private tuition classes.

Please note, we does not reveal magic, these tuition classes are only for the people wanting to take magic up seriously and not reveal anything they learn.

We have different packages you can contact us about if you need our assistance.

Our tuition packages vary, but here is a general idea of what we go through –

  • The theory of magic
  • Magic tricks
  • Sleight of hand
  • Misdirection
  • Presentation
  • Creating Rapport in your performance

We would generally then give you links and information you may need to continue to progress on your magical journey.

Our performances and tuition classes are available in Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield, Wakefield and other surrounding areas.

If you would like to have me entertain or teach further away, let us know, I’m sure we can work something out.

If you have booked me before for your wedding, party, corporate event or any other occasion or gathering, your review would be highly appreciated

Here is a list of events that we cover at Mattiello Magic

  • Corporate Events
  • Birthday and private Parties
  • Small gatherings
  • Weddings
  • Restaurants
  • Bars

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“Yours Magically”

Francesco Mattiello

Professional Leeds Magician

Mattiello Magic