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Obsessed with your Craft

Are You Obsessed With Your Craft?

Firstly, this is a pretty random blog, one which I will go off on a little bit of a tangent with as it involves a love for one’s craft.

The reason for this is because it’s something I know from experience and from talking to other people who have mastered their field.

Obsession equals Commitment to your Craft!

If you are an artist, performer, speaker, or athlete, then being obsessed with your craft is very important for you to be extremely good at what you do.

If you look at top performers in various different art forms and sports, they have an obsession with what they do. They have  a deep love and passion for their craft that will stay with them.

Leeds Magician Francesco Mattiello

Take a look at Christiano Ronaldo, Is he obsessed with football?

Are Beyonce and Rihanna obsessed with making music?

Is Al Pacino or Rober De Niro obsessed with acting?

The answer is obviously yes!

If you want to be more than just good at what you do, then being obsessed is an absolute necessity.

In Robert Greene’s best-selling book “Mastery” he explains this thoroughly.

Robert talks about the 10,000 hours of practice it takes to master your craft, and learning from a mentor. It’s always best to learn from the best.

My question is, if someone I going to practice their craft for over 10,000 hours, are they obsessed?

Yes, they certainly are!

If you are not obsessed, you won’t be one of the best in your chosen field.

Obsession is commonly viewed as a negative trait because it is associated with obsessive partners. The truth is obsession itself is not bad, what you are obsessed about may be.

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